Hauteluce, Alpes Francaises

Les professionnels du tourisme s’organisent en Savoie afin de faire redémarrer leurs activités dans les meilleures conditions sanitaires cet été.

Une récente enquête menée par Savoie Mont Blanc sur les perspectives de fréquentation touristique pour l’été est plutôt encourageante. La montagne se positionne dans le panel de tête des choix de destination après la mer et devant la campagne et la ville.

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Visite de musées, de monuments   et   de   sites   naturels.

26.11.2020 Message from Gites de France
We know for sure now that ski areas will not open in France for the end of the year holidays.
The impact of these measures on our economy will be significant and according to initial estimates 1/4 of the winter season's revenue could be lost.
However, our winter tourism is not just about downhill skiing. An extremely varied range of activities makes up our tourist offer and makes it so rich: outdoor sports activities (snowshoes, ski touring, etc.), fun activities, cultural and heritage proposals ... the ski resorts and villages of Savoy are places alive and inhabited all year round, they are by nature favorable territories for a change of scenery and the expression of various forms of tourism.
Regarding our cottages and guest rooms, we are obviously very closely linked to the economy of winter sports (71% of Gites de France accommodation is located less than 15 km from the ski slopes)
However, skiing is not the only motivation of our customers. Remember that only 1 in 2 people on winter mountain holidays practice skiing.
Following the announcements of the President of the Republic on November 25, our sales department received a number of calls from customers disappointed and frustrated by the closure of ski areas. Some of them wished to cancel their stay, others, sensitive to the arguments that we put forward to them, made the choice to keep their reservation and to spend a vacation "a little different" this year.

What is our position on cancellation requests for Christmas and New Year stays?

We have decided not to reimburse customers who cancel their reservations because the ski lifts are closed for the end of year holidays.

In fact, travel will normally be possible from December 15 and no official restrictions will then prevent going on vacation and staying in cottages or guest rooms.

If despite everything, customers wish to cancel and although we understand their disappointment, it is the cancellation conditions provided for in our General Conditions of Sale that apply: the deposit is retained for cancellations more than 30 days before the start of stay and full stay amount is due for cancellations less than 30 days prior to arrival.
Our sales department is required to contact you to respond to certain specific requests: postponements, price of the stay, etc.

 Our destination has many assets to showcase and we have some great offers to offer for spending the end of the year holidays in the mountains.

 Holiday stays are possible, the villages and ski resorts are lively, the shops are open, a multitude of activities await you

Of course, with ski lifts closed, the promise is not quite the same and must be taken into account. We 
We therefore are adjusting our rates accordingly by setting lower rates until the ski areas reopen.


Frequently asked questions:
When is it possible to welcome tourists again?
From December 15, if the improvement in the health situation is confirmed, the confinement will be lifted. Holiday stays will therefore be possible.
The arrangements are the same for guest rooms. However, table d'hôtes meals are still not possible. A system of packed lunches or take-out meals can be set up insofar as customers have the possibility of having meals in their room or a dedicated isolated space.

Is there a limitation on the number of people simultaneously accommodated in our accommodations?
No. No maximum number of people is set.